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Honoring Rob

Honoring Rob

Honoring Rob 7-RacingRob Young was so much more than my son. The void in my life is immense and the pain of losing him remains raw.

He loved music, his hats and sunglasses, racing and more than anything – he loved people.

Rob didn’t know a stranger and once he became your friend, he worked hard to become your best friend. He liked to see people smile and laugh and was often the source of both with his sense of humor of love of having a fun time.

His life was full but never too full to add another person into his circle of friends. I’ll never forget the pool party he had one summer. At 8:30 there were 5 people with him by the pool. At 9:30 there were 40. By 10:30 there were 125 and he made them all feel welcome. He had a way of making people feel special and valued.

Rob raced at Bowman Gray Stadium in the Stadium Stock Division. You could just see the anticipation building the closer it got to race day. We knew a win was just around the corner and wow, what a night when it finally happened! His friends rolled out of the stands and onto the race track to congratulate him. That sure was a special time for us and I cherish the memory.

Rob’s loving and caring nature are missed but never forgotten. This page serves as a small way to honor his too short life and to let the world get a glimpse of this wonderful young man.


There is no life so short that it cannot leave a footprint on this world.

Honoring Rob