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How to Find What You Need in a Junkyard (Part 2)


Find the best used auto parts for all vehicle makes & models at 109-U-Pull-It in Winston-Salem, NC

How to Find What You Need in a Junkyard (Part 2)

In part 1 of How to Find What You Need in a Junkyard, we covered the importance of doing proper research for the used auto part you need, along with familiarizing yourself with your car’s engine.

Before you head to the junkyard it’s helpful to know that 109 U-Pull-It has an up-to-date used auto part inventory online to help you find the specific part you’re after. We recommend reviewing our used auto parts inventory before visiting our junkyards as it can save you a lot of time in your search. Whether you’re searching online or looking in person, here's how to find what you need at the junkyard.

Inspect the Part You Need

Inspect the part before you pull it out of the car. It is possible to tell if the part is damaged or in good condition just by looking at it, but sometimes it's not that easy. If possible, try to get the “best looking” part you can. Sometimes just a small bit of external damage can mean sizable internal damage so it’s a good idea to find a part that looks good from the start. Check the part for any rust, dents, or scratches as these are common indicators of a damaged part. If the part you need includes electrical elements like starters or alternators, bring a jump starter and circuit tester with you to make sure they’re in working order.

Pull Your Used Auto Parts

You’ve done your research and have all the information for the used auto part you need, you’ve practiced on your vehicle and ensured you have the tools to get the job done, and found the part you were looking for at 109 U-Pull-It: now what? Pull your used auto part!

Once you have successfully located and pulled your used auto part, complete our easy checkout process and get back to fixing your vehicle!


Still Have Questions? We’re Here To Help

If you’re not used to working on your own car, anything auto related intimidating. We’re here to help you find the used auto parts you need! Contact 109 U-Pull-It today for any questions you might have and let us find you the right part, for the right job, at an affordable price.

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If you are in the market for affordable used auto parts for your vehicle, 109 U-Pull-It is the best junkyard in Winston-Salem with the biggest selection of used auto parts. 

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