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Our Favorite Used Auto Parts to Pull At 109 U-Pull-It


Learn more about our favorite used auto parts to pull At 109-U-Pull-It

Our Favorite Used Auto Parts to Pull At 109-U-Pull-It

Junkyards like 109 U-Pull-It are a great source of hard-to-find used auto parts. Whether you’re looking for transmissions or engines (or something else!) - you can find what you need for less at your local 109 U-Pull-It junkyard.

Transmission Systems

The transmission system is what transfers the power generated by the engine to the wheels, regulating that energy so the car doesn’t go too fast or too slow. They’re expensive to replace, and sometimes the junkyard is the only place you can find rare transmissions and their components.



The engine is the most expensive part of any car and is a highly coveted junkyard treasure. Engines are insanely heavy so most junkyards have an engine pulling A-frame which is perfect for the task, but you can’t take it with you after you leave, so arranging for help unloading at your destination is important. Make sure you have a plan for securing the load during transport, as such a heavy item in the bed of a pickup can shift dangerously.

Searching for a specific used auto part?

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable part for your vehicle, 109 U-Pull-It is the best Winston-Salem, NC junkyard to find it. Bring your tools and come explore. You might just be surprised at how many great used truck parts you can find.

Need To Sell Your Junked Truck?

Looking to get rid of your junked truck before it causes you any more aesthetic or environmental problems? Sell it to 109 U-Pull-It! We will arrange pick up and offer the going market rate for your vehicle.

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