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Time To Junk Your Car: Repair Bills


Do your auto repair bills cost more than your car is worth? Is your car rattling and feels more like a hunk or metal than a functioning vehicle? Do you have kids that need a safer and more comfortable ride? These are all signs that you should junk your car.

Time To Junk Your Car: Repair Bills

Look, we get it. Your car has become a part of you. It may be old, a little rusty, with questionable safety concerns, but it’s become a piece of your life story. This is even more true if it’s your first car and has been a source of fond memories of adventure. But for every car, there comes a time when it’s no longer worth holding on to. It may be painful, but it’s time to let go.

Luckily, we are here to help you with the transition process. We offer fair rates for used vehicles, whether they are rusted out junkers wasting away as an eyesore in your yard, or still running and getting you around. Do yourself a favor and take some cold hard cash and buy yourself a new 4 wheeled memory making machine.


Repair Bills Cost More Than Your Car is Worth

Does your car need all new tires? Maybe a significant part replacement that is currently artificially rigged up and just waiting to blow? Is your check engine light always on? Do these repairs cost more than your car is worth? Then it’s time to junk your car. Doing so now can help you avoid the sticky situation of your car completely breaking down before you have a new one. Selling a car that is still running, even if barely so, will fetch a higher price than one that is forced into a parked position.

Need To Sell Your Junk Vehicle?

Looking to get rid of your junk vehicle before it causes you any more aesthetic or environmental problems? Sell it to 109 U-Pull-It! We will arrange pick up and offer the going market rate for your vehicle.

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