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Top 3 Classic Car Parts Pulled


Find the best used auto parts for all vehicle makes & models at 109-U-Pull-It in Winston-Salem, NC

Top Parts To Pull For Your Classic Car

Classic Car Transmissions

Doing a full on rebuild and need a new transmission or parts for your existing one? You’ll find what you need at your local junkyard. From specialized and specific nuts and bolts to the clutch and gearbox, all you gotta do is pull it out.

Classic Car Engines

Engines are one of the biggest ticket items pulled from a junkyard. They’re commonly sourced there because of how much a new or even a used engine can cost to replace. They do require an engine hoist to lift it out of the car. Your local junkyard might have one or you might have to bring your own.

Engines are definitely a more involved part to pull, but if you can find the right one the savings will be unbeatable, and probably unbelievable.


Classic Car Radios

One of the most popular classic car parts pulled from 109 U-Pull-It are used car radios and steros. Many classic car owners experience the difficulty of finding a classic car stereo in good condition, and luckily (in most cases) many classic car restorers find the classic AM/FM stereos and antennas they need at 109.  

Don’t forget to search for classic car speakers while you’re browsing our used auto parts junkyard.

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If you are in the market for affordable used auto parts for your vehicle, 109 U-Pull-It is the best junkyard in Winston-Salem with the biggest selection of used auto parts. 

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