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Top 3 Used Truck Parts To Pull


Learn more about our favorite used truck parts to pull at our Winston-Salem, NC used auto parts junlyard!

Truck Tires

Truck tires are one of the most easily salvageable parts of a used truck. They are an attractive target for extraction. A large number of trucks in the junkyard have perfectly usable tires, and there’s a booming resale market for them. Be mindful to assess every detail of the tires before you consider putting them on your vehicle as safety is much more important than a good deal. Make sure to evaluate the tread depth, but also check the age of the tire. If it’s more than 6 years old, cracked and weathered, or has a bulging sidewall, consider it scrap rubber.



Doors are another heavily sought-after replacement part at your local junkyard. Doors are often damaged in collisions and their electronic components can fail. Line up the replacement door you find with the one you’re replacing to make sure it’s going to fit.

Truck Beds & Tailgates

If you use your truck bed regularly to haul loads it can get pretty banged up over time. Scrapes and gouges will inevitably develop in the bed as things are tossed in and slide around. Repeated opening and slamming of the tailgate will wear out the hinges and handle. Luckily these parts are abundant and easily removable are your local junkyard. As part of the exterior, you can take an easy glance and determine if it’s in salvageable condition.

Searching for a Part for Your Truck?

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable part for your truck, whether it’s for an old restoration project or your primary vehicle, 109 U-Pull-It is the best junkyard to find it. Bring your tools and come explore. You might just be surprised at how many great used truck parts you can find.

Need To Sell Your Junked Truck?

Looking to get rid of your junked truck before it causes you any more aesthetic or environmental problems? Sell it to 109 U-Pull-It! We will arrange pick up and offer the going market rate for your vehicle.

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