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3 Common Parts Pulled For an F-150


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3 Common Parts Pulled For an F-150

Ford trucks are some of the most reputable American-made pickups and can last for decades. But over the years, some wear and tear can be expected. If you own a used Ford F-150, you may occasionally find yourself in need of some replacement parts. You could choose to have the parts replaced at a dealer’s service department or local garage, but you could be looking at a hefty bill, especially if the truck is more than ten years old.

Don’t spend money on brand new parts and labor when you don’t have to. A more affordable way to repair your older truck is by pulling them at your local junkyard. In this article, we’ll tell you the three most common parts pulled for an F-150.

Tires and Wheels

Believe it or not, a junkyard is a great place to find tires and wheels for an older F-150. Junkyards commonly receive whole trucks that can be picked for parts. If the truck is brought in for an engine or mechanical issue that keeps it from running, the tires and wheels could still be in great condition.

Truck tires are built to withstand more use than tires for sedans and cars. Sometimes, a heavy-duty truck tire can last up to 100,000 miles. You could find junkyard tires with a lot of life left on them. And if your F-150 is classic or vintage, you may prefer the look of an older tire to new ones.


If your F-150 has a manual transmission, you’ll be putting your clutch through a lot. The clutch and transmission are some of the hardest working parts of a truck, and they are built with high levels of stress in mind. But once the truck reaches about 200,000, you’ll want to plan on replacing the clutch.

Between parts and labor, you could be looking at a few thousand dollars to replace the clutch with new parts at a garage. You can find a used clutch in really good shape at a junkyard for a fraction of the price. The junkyard will likely have an engine hoist to help you remove the old clutch from your truck and drop the new one in.


Fenders and Bumpers

Fenders and bumpers are some of the most commonly damaged parts of any vehicle, especially on a truck like an F-150 that undergoes some heavy-duty use. If your truck fender or bumper finally gets too many dings and dents or falls off completely, you could be looking at almost a grand to replace it with new parts.

Since Ford trucks are so popular, your local junkyard likely has many fenders or bumpers that you can pick up for a great price. Trucks brought to the junkyard because their engine gave out are sitting there with pristine parts for you to pick.

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